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BC Property Taxes – The Assessment “Game”

December 18th, 2002 | Taxes

Taxes! We all have to pay them in all their various forms – GST, PST, personal taxes, corporate taxes, property taxes, and so on. Although we cannot avoid them, it is obviously financially prudent to reduce them to the lowest level possible. Although most companies will hire experts to reduce […]

GMP – The Misunderstood Contract

November 29th, 2002 | Construction

The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP or GMAX) contract is perhaps the contract most misunderstood by architects, developers and contractors alike. In our capacity as project cost control and monitoring consultants we have witnessed numerous errors in the fundamental understanding of the risks, intent and administration of this form of contract. […]

Economic Forecast from ICSC 2002 – Toronto

October 9th, 2002 | Industry Events

Live from New York it’s ….. Well, actually, it’s Tuesday and it’s live from the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. I’ve just come from the Tuesday session of the International Council of Shopping Centres annual Dealmaking and Trade Exposition. I was interested to see what the mood would be in Toronto this […]

UDI Panel Glows : Commercial Real Estate Basking in Sunshine

September 25th, 2002 | Industry Events

For those who lived through BC’s lost decade, the views expressed at yesterday’s Urban Development Institute seminar were strikingly upbeat. As moderator of the event, I enjoyed a front row seat as four industry experts entertained and informed the crowd with information gleaned from their personal involvement in dozens of recent transactions, backed […]

Tax Officials Provide Guidelines For Income Tax Treatment of Repairs to Rental Condos

July 16th, 2002 | Taxes

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency has recently released a Technical Interpretation regarding the tax treatment of expenditures incurred for remediation work done on the building envelope of a leaky condominium. This will concern you if repairs have been performed on your condominium providing it is being used as a rental property and not […]

Limited Partnerships – Rising From the Ashes

July 6th, 2002 | Uncategorized

“A retail building boom is occurring in Greater Vancouver as a growing number of private investors and institutional buyers continue to develop a voracious appetite for investment opportunities.” (Colliers In the News July 2, 2002) Sound familiar? In good times and bad, investors want to participate in real estate. For those […]

Real Estate Investors Get Good News From The Supreme Court of Canada

June 25th, 2002 | Uncategorized

Two recent decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada,Stewart v. Canada, and Walls v. Canada, have essentially eliminated the Reasonable Expectation of Profit test whichCanada Customs and Revenue Agency has often used to deny a taxpayer’s deductions in money-losing businesses, rental properties or other commercial investments. Since its inception in 1978, the REOP […]

Syndication – A Useful Tool for Raising Real Estate Capital

May 6th, 2002 | Uncategorized

Money. In the real estate context, it’s the fuel which feeds the engine of investment or development activity. Having money allows an investor or developer to tie up a property, complete due diligence, obtain development approvals, close the purchase and build the project. Without it, the developer or investor is […]

Neighbours Must Air Their Dirty Secrets – New Notice Requirements Under The Contaminated Sites Regulation

May 6th, 2002 | Environment, Legislation

It is bad enough to learn that your property is contaminated, now you may have to notify your neighbour of the contamination if it appears likely that the contaminants have migrated to their property. On February 4, 2002 amendments to the British Columbia Contaminated Sites Regulation came into effect. Among the amendments […]