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October 8, 2015

Changes to Strata Property Act pave the way for strata redevelopment

Further Update: There were slight revisions made to Bill 40 at Third Reading.  It received Royal Assent on November 17, but for the most part is not yet in force. Commencement will be effected by regulation, which does not require the House to be in session and could occur in […]




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  • Parking ratios are a current hot topic for urban development. It's again part of the discussion at #NAIOPvan today
  • Looking forward to learning about mixed use development this a.m. at #NAIOPvan
  • Tim Grant answers: Vancouver because they have so much experience with it #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Tim Grant not a big fan of strata retail or where retail is an afterthought in mixed use #NAIOPvan #vanRE
  • Derick Fluker asks panel for examples of Bad mixed use projects. #NAIOPvan
  • Accoustics, garbage smell, plumbing, loading docks - operational challenges in mixed use. Tim Grant says proactive mgmt imp #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Daniel Lee says there are many retailers who would love to be in urban market but can't adapt to mixed use challenges #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • I agree with Derick Fluker. Air space subdivision is way to go, but full understanding by all of cost sharing is key #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Strata is a non-starter for most national retailers says Daniel Lee #NAIOPvan #VanRE Tim Grant's exp is res strata is surprisingly tolerant
  • Derick Fluker asks Tim Grant to quantify extra cost of mixed use. Tim cites all sorts of "knock on effects" anytime change is made #NAIOPvan
  • Amanda Vissia of @earlsrestaurant says they typically want 140 stalls for an 8000 sf restaurant but less near urban transit #VANre #NAIOPvan
  • Panel agrees managing food anchor's suburban parking expectations is a consistent issue. Functionality more imp than ratios #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Lee says if City wants animated streets with high ceiling retail, city needs to relax height limit on overall project #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Daniel Lee of @nwatlantic says PCI approach not typical and retail often gets considered later in design process #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Tim Grant of @PCIDevelopments says mixed use design starts with the retail component because hardest to change later #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Architect Peter Odegard of MCM says food anchors typically start with suburban expectations. Must deal with that early #NAIOPvan #VanRE
  • Moderator Derek fluke of @FormRetail says nearly all inner city new retail developments need to be part of a mixeduse development #NAIOPvan
  • Looking forward to hearing what this morning's #NAIOPvan panel has to say about retail and mixed use #VanRE